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Embracing the Education for All Goals
A Global Mobilization towards the Achievement of the MDG2

Encompassing with the UN/ECOSOC decision 2008/258, the theme for 2011 is “Implementing the internationally agreed goals and commitments in regard to education”, the theme for our World Family Summit +6 is: FAMILIES IN BALANCE: Embracing the Education for All Goals - A Global Mobilization towards the Achievement of the MDG2.

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  As in the Preamble of UNESCO's Constitution (1945), the States parties agreed and determined to develop and to increase the means of communication between their peoples and to employ these means for the purposes of mutual understanding and a truer and more perfect knowledge of each other's lives. This includes the belief in full and equal opportunities for education for all, in the unrestricted pursuit of objective truth, and in the free exchange of ideas and knowledge.  

Since then, the world has changed but the right to education is more fundamental than ever for building knowledge societies. Promoting equity in education is essential because over 75 million children do not have access to primary school, learning outcomes are poor in many countries and some 776 million adults lack basic literacy skills. Access, inclusion and equality are leading challenges facing policymakers in all countries.

The Education for All movement was launched in 1990 endorsing an expanded vision of learning and pledged to universalize primary education and massively reduced illiteracy by the end of the decade. Encompassing with the Millennium Development Goals, in the year 2000, the movement Education for All reaffirmed the commitment to achieve its goals by the year 2015.

The World Family Organization participates in the Education for All movement and advocates that the inclusion of the MDG 2 in the international, national and local agendas is a top priority.

The World Family Organization supports the holistic, comprehensive approach to the six EFA goals: each one counts for providing quality education throughout life - strong foundations in early childhood, universal primary education, gender equality, life skills, literacy and quality learning at all stages, in both formal and non-formal approaches.

The World Family Summit +6 is committed to introduce a Family perspective to the six goals of the Education for All movement, discuss them and present ideas and new commitments which will be registered in the World Family Summit +6 Paris Declaration on Education.

The six Education for All goals to be met by the learning needs of all children, youth and adult by 2015 are:

1. Expand Early Childhood Care and Education
2. Provide free and compulsory Primary Education for All
3. Promote Learning Skills for Young People and Adults
4. Increase Adult Literacy by 50%
5. Achieve Gender Parity by 2005 and Gender Equality by 2015
6. Improve the quality of Education


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