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    Invitation Letter  

The World Family Organization, in partnership with the United Nations ECOSOC Office for Support and Coordination, the United Nations NGO Branch, the UN NGO Inter-Regional Network – IRENE, the UNESCO – Education for All Movement and the International Association of Economic and Social Councils and Similar Institutions, have the honor to invite you to the World Family Summit +6, to be held from 3 to 5 December 2010, in Paris, France.

Since the year of 2004, when the first World Family Summit was accomplished in Sanya – China, this annual event continues to be the biggest partnership towards making the present and the future world with more peace, security, justice, tolerance, solidarity, prosperity and integrated by mobilizing and promoting the basic cell of society – the Family – and a legacy to the future generations, through the engagement of all sectors of society in a “Learning – Dialogue – Action” process.

We also are proud to announce that, in this event, we will celebrate the 6th Anniversary of the World Family Summit, under the theme “Families in Balance – Embracing the Education for All Goals – A Global Mobilization towards the Achievement of the MDG 2 – Universal Education”.

The World Family Summit +6 encompassing, the UN ECOSOC 2011 main theme, the MDG 2, will aim at reviewing the current global and national trends and challenges and their impact on Education in all sectors of society.

It will also provide a new opportunity for discussion and reflection on how countries, governments, parliamentarians, judicial systems, private sector and civil society are approaching the issue and will adopt the Paris Declaration on the MDG 2 + Approach, which will be submitted to the United Nations as the first proposal for the coming decade on Education taking into account the Family perspective.

In view of the above, the World Family Organization is pleased to welcome you in the World Family Summit +6, in the certain that your participation will add a very special value to the outcomes of the Summit.

Dr. Deisi Noeli Weber Kusztra
President of the World Family Organization
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