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  Invitation Letter
  H.E. Dr. Deisi Kusztra
H.E. Selma Kavaf
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United Nations

Division for the Advancement of Women   Office of the Special Adviser on Gender Issues

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  On the spirit of the first World Family Summit, we would like to invite you to send a message of Support for this year event.  
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  World Family Summit +5
    Istanbul, Turkey | December 4-7
  "Families in Balance"
Achieving Gender Equality and Empowering Women

The MDG 3 + Approach
Ensuring the Domains: Capabilities Domain | Access to Resource and Opportunities Domain | Security Domain


Republic of Turkey, State Ministry Responsible for Family, Woman, Children and Disabled

General Directorate of Family
and Social Researches

  Millennium Development Goals
End Poverty and Hunger

Gender Equality Child Health
Maternal Health Combat HIV/AIDS Environmental
Global Partnership
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  >   11/12/2009   Istanbul Declaration - World Family Summit +5    
  >   04/12/2009   World Family Summit +5 Coverage -Now Available    
  >   24/11/2009   World Family Summit+5 Cultural Day - Now Available    
  >   23/11/2009   World Family Summit +5 Program Information - Now Available    
  >   10/11/2009   Health care for women still far below need and expectation, UN report finds    
  >   03/11/2009   UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador and Executive Director on Ending Violence Against Women    
  >   28/10/2009   UNICEF responds to lack of health care for mothers and newborns in Sierra Leone    
  >   28/10/2009   Family Planning Key to Improving Maternal Health, Affirm World Delegates    
  >   26/10/2009   Women business executives have key role in ensuring better world    
  >   19/10/2009   UNESCO Forum on Gender Equality    
  >   15/10/2009   UNESCO honours five exceptional women scientists    
  >   14/10/2009   US Senator calls for greater action to protect women in conflict zones    
  >   13/10/2009   Secretary-General says progress in improving maternal health is slow    
  >   13/10/2009   Ban appeals for funding to make women’s health and gender equality a reality    
  >   08/10/2009   A New Agency for Women Emerges    
  >   07/10/2009   Gender and sexuality: Partners gather for global expert forum in Asia    
  >   06/10/2009   Statement by Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women - NY    
  >   05/10/2009   WFS+5 Video Gallery Section Update    
  >   05/10/2009   UN to set up fund to support families of staff killed in action    
  >   05/10/2009   Accelerating Progress in Maternal and Newborn Health: 'H4' Agencies Present their Plan    
  >   05/10/2009   Ban Urges Investment in Women and Girls, Particulary During Economic Crisis    
  >   01/10/2009   How climate change affects women    
  >   30/09/2009   Security Council demands end to conflict-related sexual violence    
  >   30/09/2009   Activists Press Candidates to Take a Stance on Women's Rights    
  >   30/09/2009   World leaders take on tragedy of maternal deaths    
  >   29/09/2009   UN Secretary-General Calls for Women’ s Equal Participation - Challenges of Climate Change    
  >   29/09/2009   Women and Peace and Security report (ENG | FRA | ARA | SPA | CHI | RUS)    
  >   29/09/2009   New initiative to address sexual violence against girls - Annual Meeting in New York    
  >   24/09/2009   Prime Minister of Turkey, H.E. Recep Erdogan's speech at UN Summit on Climate Change    
  >   23/09/2009   Maternal Mortality Advancer    
  >   23/09/2009   New Global Consensus on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health to save over 10 million lives    
  >   22/09/2009   Her Majesty Queen Rania and UNICEF Executive Director visit Girls' School in East Harlem    
  >   21/09/2009   End of Ramadan    
  >   21/09/2009   UN to create new umbrella agency for women    
  >   21/09/2009   UNICEF Ambassador Lucy Liu raises awareness of child trafficking    
  >   18/09/2009   UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow highlights child malnutrition in Cameroon    
  >   18/09/2009   Women, Gender Equality and Climate Change    
  >   18/09/2009   Post-Conflict Security in Need of Women    
  >   18/09/2009   International Conference to Highlight Common Solutions for Population Issues    
  >   17/09/2009   UNIFEM Statement on General Assembly Resolution on UN System–Wide Coherence    
  >   17/09/2009   Statement by Special Adviser on Gender Issues and Advancement of Women - Rome    
  >   16/09/2009   UN to establish single new agency to deal with rights of women    
  >   10/09/2009   Newsletter September Edition is available    
  >   09/09/2009   UNESCO Gender Equality Action Plan 2008-2013    
  >   17/08/2009   Division for the Advancement of Women (DAW) - Newsletter    
  >   17/08/2009   Statement by UN-DESA Assistant Secretary General on Women, Peace and Security    
  >   07/08/2009   3rd Preparatory Meeting for the World Family Summit +5    
  >   04/08/2009   World Family Summit +5 Venue defined    
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