WFO Office for Project Services

Recent Projects:

Hospital da Criança - Maringá

Hospital da Criança - Maringá

Hospital da Criança - Maringá

Maternidade Nossa Senhora de Lourdes - Sergipe

Hospital Municipal de Pinhais - PR

Hospital da Criança José Alencar - Brasília DF

Maternidade Bairro Novo - Curitiba-PR

Hospital Municipal Dr. Carlito Silva - Pojuca-BA

Hospital Municipal Ruth Cardoso - Balneário Camboriú-SC

Hospital Municipal Ruth Cardoso -Balneário Camboriú-SC

Hospital Regional Helmuth Nass - Biguaçu-SC

Hospital Regional Helmuth Nass - Biguaçu-SC

WFO Office for Project Services is a self-financing service provider of the World Family Organization. WFO/OPS, at request, provides customized procurement and contracting services to, International Financing Institutions, Governments and other Clients.

WFO/OPS procurement and contracting services focus on client needs and objectives to ensure appropriate, timely and cost effective input delivery to client programmes.

WFO/OPS procurement is organized around a decentralized model. Most procurement is undertaken by regional and project offices. WFO/OPS is also responsible for the corporate coordination of procurement activities, publication of organizational statistics and provides procurement support and advice to regional and project offices.

Contact Information:

For general inquiries regarding procurement opportunities with WFO/OPS, the WFO/OPS procurement process or to make an appointment to visit, interested parties may contact:

World Family Organization Office for Project Services

Division of Procurement Services (DPS)
28 Place Saint Georges
75009 – Paris – France
Phone: 33.1.48 78 07 59
Fax: 33.1.42 82 95 24

For decentralized procurement, suppliers are encouraged to contact directly our regional offices or the contact persons indicated in the business opportunity notices.


Since 1947, has assisted National and Local Governments, NGOs, Parliamentary Groups and International Community on:
Knowledge on Family issues;
Platform for debate, negotiation and implementation of Family Policies in the framework of Social Development;
Programs and Projects for Family and Community Promotion concerning:
– Health;
– Education;
– Housing;
– Social Security;
– Women;
– Training;
– Community Participation;
– Emergency needs.


– We plan;
– We design;
– We implement;
– We supervise;
– We operate.