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WFO has compiled a series of important documents regarding WFS+7 theme which are all available for download at the following links:



Send Keynotes and Presentations

Ms. Leena Rammah - Syria, Education Specialist and Early Childhood Development Specialist
S.K.I.L.L.S. Superior Knowledge by Intensive Labour Learning Schemes

Mrs. Joan Stevens - USA, Mouvement Mondial des Mères
Family Focused Solutions for Work-Family Balance

Dr. Wanda Engel Aduan - Brazil, The impact of the crisis: How the international economic and financial
crisis has impacted families at the local level

Dr. Mohamed Diab, Ph.D. - Sudan, Country Director, UAE - World Food Program
The rising cost of food: The short- and long-term impacts of higher food prices on families and the achievement of MDG 1.

Mr. Ignacio Socías - Spain, Director General - International Institute for Family Research
Ensuring youth employment to secure families’ futures: Providing decent work opportunities for youth and managing the transition from school to jobs.

Dr. Maria do Rosário Fidalgo - Portugal, Gender Advisor to the Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality
A complementary relationship: why social protection measures are an integral part of ensuring families can benefit from decent work opportunities.

Send Background and context

Thematic Paper on MDG 1 [ENG]

The Global Social Crisis: Report on the World Social Situation 2011, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations, New York, 2011. (pdf)

Decent Work Agenda and Global Jobs Pact

Child labour: trends challenges and policy responses [ENG] [FRA] [ESP]

Children in hazardous work [ENG]

The Global Jobs Pact – Brochure [ENG]

Recovering from the crisis: A Global Jobs Pact [ENG] [FRA] [ESP]

ILO Declaration on Social Justice for a Fair Globalization [ENG]

Social security for social justice and a fair globalization [ENG]

Green Jobs: Towards decent work in a sustainable, low-carbon world [ENG]

Green Jobs: Policy Messages and Main Findings for Decision Makers [ENG] [FRA] [ESP]

Towards a Green Economy: Pathways to Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication – A Synthesis for Policy Makers, United Nations Environment Programme, 2011. (pdf)

Work and Family: Towards new forms of reconciliation [ENG] [ESP] [POR]

The Role of Employment in Promoting the MDGs [ENG]

Universal Social Protection

World Social Security Report 2010-2011 [ENG]

Enhancing the MDGs: Reducing Inequalities and Improving Coherence through Social Protection Floors [ENG]

Social protection floor for a fair globalization: Policy coherence and international coordination [ENG] [FRA] [ESP]

Social Protection Floor Initiative – Brochure [ENG] [FRA] [POR] [RUS]

Social Protection Floor Initiative – Factsheet [ENG] [FRA] [ESP] [POR]

Social Protection Floor Initiative – Manual and strategic framework for joint UN country operations [ENG]

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International Labor Organization website (

Department of Economic and Social Affairs, United Nations website (

Rio +20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development website (

UN Women website (

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