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    Guidelines for Success Stories

Success Stories

The first day of the World Family Summit +7 Program will be composed by two Success Stories Sessions.
The objective of the Success Stories Sessions is to present to participants case studies or best practices which demonstrate the involvement of different sectors of society participating in policy dialogue, sharing best practices and lessons learned, participating in advocacy and awareness raising initiatives, helping design innovative programs and bringing onboard new partners.

The Success Stories Sessions Presentations, in addition to providing brief background information on the case study or best practice (specific contexts, organizations involved, source of data, etc.), should also examine the challenges/issues faced and the strategies used to overcome them.

If you wish to present a Success Story related to the MDG 1 “Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger”, please observe the following instructions.

Submission of a Success Story

  • Please send to an abstract of 300 – 350 words.
  • The submitted abstracts will be analyzed by the WFS+7 Scientific Commission.
  • From the total submitted abstracts, 8 (eight) will be selected for the Summit.
  • The deadline for abstracts is October 30th 2011.
  • The Success Stories accepted for presentation will be announced on November 10th, 2011.

Abstracts' Guidelines
The following guidelines have been developed to ensure optimum access to the content of your presentation by the audience and to facilitate an effective working relationship between the presenters and the Summit organizers.
Please review the guidelines before submitting your success story.

Success Story Presentation Outline:

Brief Outline:
1. Linkage of the Story with the MDGs, especially MDG 1.
2. Development of the Story (key learning, issues to be addressed, solutions, main results/outcomes).
3. Recommendations in reference to achieving relevant MDGs linked to the Story.

Important Note:
Abstracts must be written in English language only. Presentations can be done in English, French, Arabic, Spanish or Portuguese since simultaneous translation will be available. Please avoid using unexplained acronyms, sets of initials, jargon and phrases which an international audience may not understand.

All speakers are expected to register. You may fill in the Registration Form on the World Family Summit +7 Website.

Important Deadlines:
October 30, 2011 - Final date to send abstract, audio/visual requirements and biography of the presenter to the Summit Secretariat via e-mail at Earlier submission will be appreciated.
November 10, 2011 - Announcement of Success Stories accepted for presentation.
Failure to comply with submitted dates may result in the Story's non-acceptance.

Prior to Presentation
All speakers should submit a copy of their PowerPoint presentation on CD or via e-mail to the Summit Secretariat two weeks prior to the Summit. The Organizing Committee will coordinate presentation loading to support speaker sequence. If you are bringing your own laptop, make sure you have an extra copy of the slides on pen-drive or CD in case of incompatibility of equipment at the WFS+7 venue.

During Presentation

  • Timing: Presentations are limited to 20 minutes. Please adhere to the presentation time limit to maintain the Summit schedule and avoid encroaching on the next speaker’s time slot.  Your assistance in keeping to your time slot is appreciated.
  • Audience questions: Please note that after the presentation the floor will be open for discussion. When answering questions from the audience it may be a good practice to repeat the question to ensure all delegates have heard it clearly.

Important Speaker General Information

  • Please ensure that you check the Summit program on the Summit Website to confirm your presentation date and time. (This information will be available on the website 4 weeks prior to Summit.)
  • Summit venue will provide audio/visual equipment, large screen, podium microphone, and sound system.
  • If you are a candidate for presentation please check the Summit Website frequently for updated information.


It is a policy of the World Family Summit to share costs for the selected presenters of the success stories, who will have their accommodation and meals covered by the World Family Summit +7 Financial Committee.

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